Ushering in Small Halls month!

How is it possibly the end of August already? While we’re longing for a few more weeks of summer vacation, we’re also excited to usher in September – because that means only two more weeks until we kick off the Festival of Small Halls!

In 14 days, the sweet sounds of The Great Lake Swimmers will be filling the Chaffey’s Lock Community Hall and The Abrams will be firing up Stonefield’s in Beckwith with their feisty fiddle and guitar combo. Goosebump alert!

Let our artists be the soundtrack to your upcoming long weekend! Crank the tunes on the playlist we put together for Canada Day or whet your appetite with some visuals by listening to music from our artists on our bio pages. See our artist pages and scroll to the bottom of each page to see accompanying video, where available.

Memories of the fun from last year are floating around the Festival office these days, from meeting new friends to marveling at the history and heart present in each small venue. The warm sounds of our musicians were icing on the cake. See our wrap up video from last year here to relive it with us!

Did you know there are three ways you can get tickets to our remaining shows? You can order tickets online or over the phone! Giving us a call is another great way to purchase tickets. Our number is 613.402.1425 and we’re always happy hear from you. Insider tip: don’t wait to get your tickets. Many of our shows are within an inch of selling out, so don’t wait to get tickets if you still want in on the Small Halls inspiring music experiences! We’re talking two tickets left for a few shows – seriously.

Excitement is building for what September brings!