Two weeks to go!

April Verch Band

The countdown continues – 14 days until the Festival of Small Halls starts! Exactly two weeks from today we’ll be opening the 2016 festival in Chaffey’s Lock.

In two weeks, sweet music by the April Verch Band and String Tease will be filling the community hall to kick off the festival – and we’ll even have guests from a local radio station there to live record the show!

We can’t wait for the Festival to get underway. Memories of the fun from last year are floating around the Festival office these days, from meeting new friends to marveling at the history and heart present in each small venue. The warm sounds of our musicians were icing on the cake.

Want to get in the Festival spirit early? You can whet your appetite by listening to music from our artists on our bio pages! See our artist pages and scroll to the bottom of each page to see accompanying video, where available.

FOSH Poster 5 ElliotBrood in SpencervilleHave you seen the Festival posters around your area? We have been seeing them pop up in every rural nook and cranny from Elgin to Maxville. We love walking into a grocery store or visiting a small town ice cream shop and seeing those red Festival of Small Halls posters hanging out! Thanks to all the incredible volunteers who are hard at work getting the word out about the shows.

Do you have your tickets for this year? Good thinking! The last few weeks preceding the start of the Festival proves to be a busy time at the ticket counter for us. Many shows are nearing the sell-out point, so please don’t wait to get your tickets. We don’t want you to be disappointed!

For those who have tickets, you may also have questions regarding parking, accessibility and the like. Please see our FAQ page for answers! If you’re not sure where your host hall is located, please have a peek at the interactive map on our site to help guide you!

Looking forward to seeing you at the shows and getting your Small Halls groove on!