Tatlock Community Hall

The Tatlock Community Hall has not always been a community hall, nor has it always been in Tatlock. It began its days near Hopetown as a Presbyterian church, becoming a United church in 1925. In 1939, the building was moved, intact, by flatbed truck to the corner of Tatlock Road and Concession 7, in Darling Township, where a new floor was installed. But the building’s journey was not over. In 2007, Lanark County wanted to realign Tatlock Road in a way that would have put the new road right up to the hall steps, so the building was relocated again, this time to its present location. Following the move, extensive renovations were made, including improvements to the kitchen and the addition of a storage room, washrooms, and a computer room.

Now, this well-travelled building is the hub of the community of Tatlock. Its updated facilities, including a top-notch sound system, make it a favourite venue for wedding receptions, bridal showers, fundraising dinners, birthday parties, euchre parties, youth sleepovers and much more. It may have taken the building a few decades to find its current home at 696 Concession 7, but it is the building itself that feels like home to many members of the community.

696 Concession 7, Darling Township, Lanark Highlands, Ontario.