St. Andrews and St. Paul United Church

The St. Andrew’s & St. Paul’s United Church has a long rich history within Russell, On that goes back over a 100 years. Built in the late 1800s, the church was situated in the heart of Russell with picturesque views of the Castor River. Continuously serving as a United Church, it has maintained an active membership that is family centric and community orientated. Today, the Church is an active participant in the Township of Russell and welcomes any opportunity to promote community togetherness.

*2023 marks Russell’s 125 anniversary. As part of these celebrations, community organizations are looking to host events that celebrate our past while bringing together our growing community. The Russell Agricultural Society has hosted many events on it’s fair grounds attracting large crowds from surrounding communities. Like Festival of Small Halls, The Russell Agricultural Society wants to honor Russell’s 125 anniversary by hosting an event that promotes big music in a cherished place that holds as much history in the community as it does. Through Festival of Small Halls, the Russell Agricultural Society and the Church are looking to revitalize the Hall as community space (not just a place of worship) and promote Russell as a picturesque community for future musical events.

38 Mill St, Russell, ON