Seeking new venues to add to the Small Halls circuit!

The Ontario Festival of Small Halls is looking to share the love – small hall love, that is.

The festival, which brings internationally-renowned musicians to cherished, rural community spaces each fall, is currently accepting submissions for new halls to participate in this year’s event. Almost all of the shows in last year’s schedule sold out, so this year the Festival is adding even more halls to the circuit!

Running from Sept. 13 to 30, 2018, the festival is now in its fifth year of igniting local stages across eastern Ontario and the Ottawa Valley.

The festival is seeking new venues which have more than a 100-person seating capacity, are wheelchair accessible, and which have an enthusiastic community group supporting the hall. The group or committee must be willing to work with the Ontario Festival of Small Halls to host high-quality events and provide concert goers with a positive rural Ontario experience. That involvement could include hosting a festival show, community meal or other event as part of the festival.

Festival organizers will deliver programming, marketing, artist transportation, stage management, as well as the best in sound equipment and technical expertise. Communities are asked to provide a unique local building and an eager team of volunteers to help with ticket sales, local marketing and other duties on show day.

In addition to the musical event, some communities have also used this opportunity to showcase their towns to visitors. Whether it’s a community dinner held in a neighbouring hall before the concert, a farmers market or a walking tour, festival attendees are easily enticed to stroll down main streets and pop into local businesses to enjoy the distinctive flavour of the town on the day of the concert.

Communities interested in participating are asked to complete the submission form here. The submission deadline is February 15, 2018.