Schedule nearing completion for 2016 Festival of Small Halls

Wednesday May 25th, 2016

With the halls now announced for the 2016 Ontario Festival of Small Halls, we’re busy preparing to fill them with great music! More than 35 acts are in the selection process for the 2016 festival, known for their talent and the fire of their stage presence. They are eager to participate in the festival, which sees small towns throw open the doors of their beloved halls and meld big name musical acts with local openers to create a special experience. These events resonate within the rural host communities, as neighbours,visitors, friends and family come together to celebrate the love of music – and their community gathering places.

We are excited to announce the schedule and line-up … but we have to keep you in suspense for a little longer! The big announcement will be made public in mid-June. Last year, our intimate festival events brought communities together and made an impression not only on the attendees, but also on the artists. Many musicians expressed their warm feelings toward our region, marveling at its eclectic mix of natural beauty and friendly people who made them feel right at home. In response to the warm welcome, the artists delivered goosebump-worthy performances to sold-out crowds.

In fact, one of our festival experiences was so well received it even made Lynn Saxberg’s top 10 concert list of 2015 in the Ottawa Citizen! See the article here.

We’re anxious to do it all again! Keep an eye peeled for our big announcement coming soon. In the meantime, take a look back at our history and see how the Ontario Festival of Small Halls has grown to include more than 20 halls this year!