Say hello to our halls!

Athens Joshua Bates Centre stepWhat a week! With our line up announced we’re now concentrating on filling your cherished small halls with big music – and audience members to enjoy it!

But what’s already in the small halls we’ve chosen for the 2016 Festival of Small Halls is a whole lot of heart and history.

These are the places that have welcomed community gatherings like baby showers, wedding receptions, hockey banquets, even family reunions and funerals. The saying “if these walls could talk” takes on a whole new meaning in any one of our small halls on the festival venue list this year.

To pay tribute to the integral role they play in our small towns, we just launched a re-imagined page on our site dedicated to showcasing the small halls from Arnprior to Elgin and from Beckwith to Westmeath.

Click here to see the interactive page, learn about the history of each unique venue and take a peek inside each special space.

Did you know that the Burritt’s Rapids Community Hall was once a general store? Or that the St. James Roman Catholic Church in Maxville was built 107 years ago with cement blocks made by hand? How about that the Joshua Bates Centre in Athens was officially opened by Sir Wilfrid Laurier? Or that local troops heading overseas in the First World War assembled in front of the Old Town Hall in Delta as a last stop before departing?

So much small hall trivia, so little time! Explore each remarkable venue through our site and get ready to be amazed at the intriguing combination of heritage and harmonies from Sept. 15 to Oct. 2 during the Festival of Small Halls!

See our full schedule here. Tickets now on sale!