St. Andrew’s United Church

St.Andrews United Church, Pakenham

Built in 1897 as a Presbyterian church, St. Andrew’s has never stopped serving the congregation and the community of Pakenham. Accommodating about 200 people, the unique stone structure with stunning stained-glass windows is a landmark on the village’s main street. In addition to being a worship centre for the United Church congregation, the sanctuary, with its beautiful woodwork, radial seating, and gently sloping floor, has welcomed the community, not only for weddings and funerals, but also to a variety of concerts. Over the years, audiences have gathered to enjoy fiddle, roots, and country performers, renaissance instruments, a woodwind quintet, a harp concert and, most recently, a jazz performance. Musicians always comment on the amazing acoustics.

As much as St. Andrew’s appeals to professional visiting musicians, there is always room for local efforts, and the church has hosted community variety nights, fashion shows, murder mysteries, and quilt shows. The lower hall is the perfect gathering place for turkey dinners and fish fries, business meetings, craft shows, family celebrations, playgroups, flower shows, and Tai Chi groups. Well over a century after its construction, St. Andrew’s continues to open its doors to the community of Pakenham and beyond.


Upcoming performance May 2022

Friday, May 13, 7:30 p.m. – Chris Murphy St. Andrew’s United Church – Pakenham, ON – BUY TICKETS

2585 County Road 29. Pakenham, Ontario.