Norwood Old Town Hall

Hospice Norwood is an initiative supported within the Asphodel-Norwood Community and its Neighbours to establish a free standing, 2 bed end-of-life care facility, providing an option for our residents facing life ending illnesses. The Hospice will be supported by 24 hours, 7 days a week health care/palliative professionals and volunteers and will adhere to Standards for Community Residential Hospices in Ontario. The residence will be provided at no costs to patients or their families. Our model will offer 2 Residential beds and room for families to come together in a home like setting and support their dying loved ones.

The Hospice is currently providing Day Programs in partnership with Hospice Peterborough. They include Grief Chat, Caregiver Support and Illness Support programs.


2357 County Rd. 45, Norwood, ON