Planning ahead for a Small Halls show

We added a new section to our website! The Ontario Festival of Small Halls wants to share the small hall love and ensure your Festival experience is as enchanting as possible! As such, we have put together What to Expect for each show to help you plan ahead.

Look here to discover notes on everything from accessibility and show times to seating type. Psst! There is even an insider’s tip at the bottom of the page!

We love seeing the festival pop up as bands announce their fall tour dates at this time of year! For some, The Ontario Festival of Small Halls is the only time the bands are playing in Canada. We feel fortunate to bring top names in music to rural halls to help you experience big music in small venues.

We’ve been getting a few questions about the Fred Penner shows taking place at the Morton Community Hall and the now sold-out Old Town Hall in Winchester. Is the show kid-friendly? For many of us, Fred Penner is synonymous with childhood as he was a long-running children’s entertainer on TV. Well, this show is a bit different. It’s geared towards adults but kids are still welcome to attend. Just be aware that it’s not catering to the kiddies this time. Look here for more info about Fred Penner and tickets to the Morton show on Sept. 17 at 3 p.m.

The community events are now finalized for this year and we just put the finishing touches on our brochure this week. It will be available soon for local distribution! Discover the community events here but please remember that some of the dinners require reservations in advance. The first one is coming up quickly for the barbecue dinner at Stonefields in Beckwith. Reservations are required by August 31.