DACA Community Center

The Dacre Community Center is home to the Dacre and Area Community Association (DACA), a volunteer-operated, non-profit charitable organization based at the foothills of the Mount St. Patrick mountain range between the villages of Mount St. Patrick and Dacre. When it was incorporated in 1979, DACA began looking for a suitable home. A long-time resident of the area, Alice Sheedy, donated four acres of land along the Flat Road in memory of her son Alphonse. The years of 1981 through 1983 saw the surveying of land and the construction of an outdoor rink, and, thanks to grants, sponsors, donations, fundraising, and endless volunteer hours, the community center was officially opened by October 1984.

Inside an exterior of strong, weathered logs repurposed from local barns, the center is the busy site of community celebrations and recreational programming. Since its first function, an annual hunter’s ball, DACA has hosted countless events at the center, from holiday celebrations to softball tournaments, handicrafts to luncheons, horse pulls to bingo games. Of course, the center continues to be home to DACA, a dedicated organization still driven by the commitment it made almost forty years ago to foster community spirit in Dacre and beyond.

Website: https://www.dacacenter.com/

111 Flat Road, Dacre, Ontario.