Countdown to launch

Countdown to launchWednesday June 15, 2016

One week, seven days, 168 hours, 10,080 minutes… until we share our big Festival of Small Halls news!

We’re so excited to be sharing the line-up for the 2016 edition of the Ontario Festival of Small Halls next Wednesday. Some great talent is booked from internationally-recognized musicians to local openers that your community celebrates. Most of all, we’re looking forward to bringing all that amazing music to your small halls.

The Festival of Small Halls 2016 line-up info will be live on our blog on June 22, as well as on our website by clicking here.

Last year, Festival organizers and patrons alike were inspired by that feeling of community resonating throughout the halls we visited, even after the final notes of each concert were sung and strummed. Handshakes, genuine smiles and welcomes at the door transitioned to people spontaneously kicking up their heels when the feeling struck at our shows. Throughout it all, the Festival of Small Halls proved to be a memorable mix of showcasing talent and your cherished community venues.

Did you know that this year, we have several former barns in our venue list, as well as a restored schoolhouse and even a re-imagined, re-purposed historical church? Those are in addition to the small halls which have served as community hubs in rural locales for years, at which the townspeople grew up attending parties, bridal showers, funerals, concerts, wedding receptions – life events in general. The heritage is almost tangible in these beloved spaces.

We can’t wait to let you know who will be playing at the chosen charming halls! To find out how we pick our artists, click here.

Watch this space next Wednesday morning for a full announcement and ticketing information. Our inside advice: don’t wait to purchase tickets. Last year, 12 out of our 15 shows sold out, so grab your friends and family some tickets to be sure of your spots!