Carleton Place Canoe Club

Visitors can feel that this place is special the moment they set eyes on the Carleton Place Canoe Club.

The club has been in existence since 1893 and is the oldest continuously operating canoe club in Canada. The clubhouse is nestled on the shores of the Mississippi River in the heart of Carleton Place. It’s known for its beautiful wrap-around balcony, which provides a panoramic view of the river – perfect for mingling during intermission.

The Carleton Place Canoe Club is walking distance from dozens of vibrant shops and restaurants in the downtown core but it is also known as a warm gathering place unto itself. The community comes together here, with events such as weddings, concerts, birthday parties, and arts shows routinely hosted at this historic, picturesque hall.

With its paddle on the pulse of the community, the Carleton Place Canoe Club continues to be a stunning place with community at its core – whether celebrating milestones or providing a memorable club house location for competitors.