Kellylee Evans

Six albums deep and Juno Award winner Kellylee Evans is still shaking it up on Come  On, her latest Decca album.
The stylistic connoisseur has tackled everything from jazz to R&B and pop in such  previous tasty classics fight or flight?, Nina – her Juno-winning tribute to the legendary  Nina Simone – and I Remember When.
Praised by the Latin Jazz Network for a “gorgeous voice (that) rises to the heavens in  rapturous wonder as if in consanguinity with a chorus of angels” and by the Yukon Arts  Centre for “a stunning crystalline voice, both powerful and emotive,” Evans now  pushes her muse firmly into the soulful pop territory with Come On: a wonderfully  refreshing album about love and life that comes on the heels of two nearly career ending accidents: a freak lightning strike in her Ottawa kitchen and further effects of a  concussion suffered during a fall at her home.
However, Evans is nothing if not resilient: the runner-up of the 2004 Thelonious Monk  Competition offers views on love and loss in an alluringly rhythmic approach that has  touches of psychedelic pop, resonating soul groove and that je ne sais quoi that is  strictly Kellylee and forged by her jazz discipline.
From the stirring soul-stomper “Come On” – which combines an effervescent Motown  feel with traces of psychedelia – and the funky groove-a-liciousness of “Hands Up” to  the string-and-horn-spiced magnetism of “Know His Worth,” the 10 songs of Come On  find Kellylee at her most magically potent.
Produced and co-written by Eric Legnini (Stefano Di Battista), this is post-romantic soul  at its finest; a project of strong vision and great execution that signals the return of  Kellylee Evans as a bold explorer and interpreter.
It only gets better when you experience her live, in her element.
Kellylee Evans’ time is nigh, and Come On is just the catalyst to get her there.

Kellylee will be performing Friday December 10, 2021 at 7:30PM at Burritt’s Rapids Community Hall SOLD OUT!