Almonte Old Town Hall

Since its creation in 1884, Almonte’s Old Town Hall has played many roles. Originally built for town offices and council meetings, it has also housed the fire department, the municipal library, and even some local jail cells. Currently, this heritage building is Almonte’s premiere venue for theatre, musical performances, weddings, conferences, art exhibitions, craft shows, community dinners, feature films, and professional music recording. With its soaring ceiling of hand-hewn Douglas fir beams, the third floor auditorium offers an acoustic setting unparalleled in the area.

The space has been used for recording classical and pop concerts for CBC Radio 2, folk albums by local artists, and rock albums by visiting artists. Located next to the Mississippi River in the centre of Almonte’s repurposed limestone mill buildings, the Old Town Hall’s park-like setting continues to attract visitors and is now the location of the Tourism Information Centre.


14 Bridge Street, Almonte, Ontario. K0A 1A0